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Clearfield’s Focus on Community Broadband Lands It at No. 4 on Forbes America’s Best Small Companies

With industry plans set to deploy more fiber over the next five years than has been deployed to date, Clearfield’s fiber focus has it in the right place, at the right time November 16, 2022 –…

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Moving into the Symmetrical Era of Broadband

For the last two decades, more bandwidth was always good bandwidth, regardless of how it was delivered. We got by with things like DSL, cable, and fixed wireless solutions that would deliver large…

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Double Your Rate of Fiber Homes Connected with FastPass™ Connect

We’re in a once-in-a-lifetime volume of activity around bridging the digital divide. Figure 1 shows the tens of billions of dollars available from many of the major broadband funding programs. What…

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Clearfield® FastPass™ Accelerates Fiber Broadband Operators Ability to Move from Homes Passed to Homes Connected

With nearly a 40% speed of deployment advantage as operators rapidly expand fiber broadband, Clearfield customers demonstrate the ability to nearly double the rate of homes connected November 8, 2022 –…

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The Temptation of Private Cellular Networks

One of the interesting temptations being offered by cellular carriers is the ability for organizations to run their own private LTE or 5G network. After all, who wouldn’t want to have their own…

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New Challenges Require New Solutions

As fiber deployments ramp up throughout America and across the globe, Clearfield® continues to focus efforts on innovation so our customers can adapt and evolve to meet the emerging challenges…