Fiber depoyment and management knowledge

Get Smart, Be Smart with Clearfield College!

We know fiber well and encourage you to share in our knowledge! Clearfield College is your educational resource for Clearfield product and industry fiber training that will get you on your way to intelligent deployment practices throughout your fiber network.

E-Learning Program

This self-guided series of online courses guide the viewer through the features and network applications of Clearfield’s integrated platforms.  Engaging animations and videos will illustrate how network deployments will benefit from simplified, faster, lower cost fiber installations. 

Clearfield Certified Partnership Training (with optional Bicsi credits)

In-person training, designed exclusively for customers and contractors of fiber deployments and tailored to specific contracting needs. This course provides extensive training of the proper installation techniques for Clearfield’s “fiber to anywhere” product platform.  Product training = technical confidence for faster field deployments. 

Clearfield Certified Partnership Training - FOA

Clearfield’s FOA certification course provides a basic understanding of fiber optic technology, as well as Clearfield product knowledge and how Clearfield’s integrated product systems work together in a fiber network.

This trainer-led workshop is designed to further the student’s expertise in the field by increasing classroom knowledge, as well as hands on skills and abilities in fiber optics and premises cabling. 

We have all the tools to educate you on how simple broadband deployments really can be. Thank you for stopping by Clearfield College and furthering your fiber education with us.