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StreetSmart Aerial FDH

Mounting to the strand, this high-density, free breathing Aerial FDH can be placed where it is needed in the network instead of where permitting restrictions allow, providing the most rapid, cost-effective way to provide network connectivity. Read the white paper for information on bringing efficiency and deployment cost savings to aerial fiber deployment.

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YOURx Multi-Purpose Terminal (MPT)

Designed for network design flexibility, Clearfield’s YOURx Multi-Purpose Terminal (MPT) is optimized for deployments requiring mid-span, fiber drop, splitter or optical component capabilities.

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FTTH Deployments

Every fiber network is unique, yet Clearfield’s modular, flexible product platform deploys in multiple application scenarios. To help FTTH/FTTx installations go smoother, future proof for fiber and save deployment time we’ve assembled these 5 tips for designing FTTH/FTTx networks. For keys to building networks that give customers what they want, we’ve got 3 ways to make your FTTH/FTTx deployment successful. For ways to benefit from cost savings, see our 3 tips for saving money on your FTTH/FTTx deployment.

Connecting Twice as Many Homes: One Crew, One Truck, One Day

Aggregating Splicing for the SFU

We doubled the number of customer turn-ups by dramatically speeding the installation of terminals.

Pulling only a single cable through duct from terminal to terminal, and utlizing FieldShield 12 fiber pushable MPO's to cascade YOURx-Terminals, the result for the SFU unit subdivision deployment was:

  • Only 6 splice points
  • 5 guys — 6 hours — 100 units

Read "One Crew. One Truck. One Day." — a blog by Brian Schrand, Clearfield Director of Application Engineering.

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Providing complete flexibility of configuration, FieldShield Microduct and fiber drop cable assemblies reduce the total cost of delivering fiber in the last mile.

FieldShield® starts with a ruggedized microduct designed to support all aerial, direct bury, and inside plant “last mile” needs. Created from the most rugged HDPE polymers, FieldShield Microduct is strong enough to be placed using traditional methods of boring and plowing, allowing you to leverage your existing conduit placement equipment, as well as newer, less disruptive technologies such as micro trenching or saw cutting.

Recognizing that no two networks are alike, Clearfield has developed the industry’s widest choice of drop cable solutions – giving you the flexibility of configuration that best suits your network environment, network design and drop cable needs.

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Access network terminal delivering a fully protected fiber pathway for any configuration: drop only, distributed split and daisy chain deployments.

The YOURx-Terminal and YOURx-Aerial Terminal are compact, environmentally sealed interconnects that provide an air and water-tight connection for all FieldShield drop cables and microduct. This universal plug-and-play design means multiple fiber media, same port connectivity.

With two feeder ports and 16 distribution (drop) ports, the YOURx-Terminal is designed for maximum scalability across multiple service classes. It also allows for integration of optical components. Below-grade, pedestal and pole mount deployment options provide for a single product use approach in a variety of network access architectures.

The YOURx-Aerial Terminal allows for aerial or strand-mount fiber deployment. It accepts the fiber feed and distributes up to 24 individual service drops. It offers the capability to mid-span a larger count fiber cable so multiple terminal/access points can be deployed along the same cable run.

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YOURx Flex Box

Industry’s smallest demarc provides test access and slack storage.

The YOURx Flex Box is a secure, flexible and modular wall box that allows the service provider to create a state-of-the-art, plug-and-play fiber optical network by inter-connecting all types of media and pathways into a single fiber distribution and aggregation point in access networks. The modularity is achieved by removable aggregator plates that provide multiple cable entries for individual fiber cables, conduit and microduct in an organized matter.

The YOURx Flex Box addresses the challenges of supporting varying number of subscribers in different configurations, managing slack storage and reducing fiber installation time — all within a single wall box. Configured with the Clearview® Cassette, drop wheel assembly or SmartRoute Plate inserts, the YOURx Flex Box supports multiple connectivity architectures such as drop or split.

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