Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

As 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), small cells and many other network demands are increasing, having reliable fiber to the home (FTTH) and fiber to the “x” (FTTx) installations are key. When simplifying these FTTH/FTTx deployments, you save costs and gain customer satisfaction.

We’ve put together 3 tips to help you accomplish this.

1. Get the drop on cost savings

Providing a reliable broadband pathway that is installed easily, restored simply and has a pre-terminated fiber already in it saves time and money.

When designers, installers and contractors request a one-pass drop solution, they want cables already installed within the conduit. This makes installation crews’ work go faster and provides a pathway for replacement if needed later.

The craft-friendly FieldShield D-ROP does this. It’s a Cable in Conduit (CIC) fiber drop with either a 2mm or 3mm durable fiber that is pre-installed and pre-terminated.

Another benefit is that the FieldShield pre-installed fiber is also pre-connectorized. After the D-ROP fiber drop is placed, the tech only needs to ring cut the microduct at the length needed and slip the excess off the fiber. Also, the FieldShield fiber inside the D-ROP microduct is small and easy to handle, which helps when storing excess slack.

2. Reduced splicing = reduced costs

A splicing operation adds costs to an FTTH/FTTx build – requiring a trained technician with a splicing machine to finish the install.

With typical CIC, the fiber doesn’t have any connectors on it…so the installer must return to splice the fiber into the customer premise or splice on a connector to connect to the customer equipment. With its pre-connectorized fiber, our D-ROP solution eliminates this problem because the connector is small enough to allow an installation tech to remove excess conduit over the connected end of the fiber. The installation is a true one-pass solution, saving the cost of a return trip from a technician.

3. Lower your labor/construction costs

In most fiber optic construction builds, labor/construction accounts for 70% of the cost of FTTH/FTTx deployment (equipment costs account for the remaining 30%). Since labor/construction is, by far, the single highest component of a build, whatever reduces this adds to the bottom line. Quicker and easier skilled labor/construction operations are essential to lowering labor costs, which is why pre-connectorized solutions are popular.

As you look for ways to save money on your FTTH/FTTx deployment, keep these 3 tips in mind. If you have any other questions about your fiber project, please reach out to Clearfield. We have tons of experience with FTTH/FTTx installations and are happy to help.