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Clearfield® Smart Tip: YOURx™-Terminal

In keeping with Clearfield’s “keep it simple”  approach to fiber-fed deployments, features of the YOURx-Terminal, such as the interchangeable FieldShield® FlexCartridge™ , allow it to be configured…

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Clearfield’s Kevin Morgan Elected 2019 Chairman of the Fiber Broadband Association

Focused on showcasing the value that fiber deployments and services brings to carriers, communities and people MINNEAPOLIS—Clearfield, Inc . , the specialist in fiber management for communication…

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Clearfield® Smart Tip: One Chance

You only have one chance to do it right the first time. I am an evangelist for fiber jumper routing the right way. When I was a Central Office supervisor in downtown Minneapolis, proper jumper routing…


Clearfield®: Turning "No Thank You" into "Thank You"

One of my good friends is a vice president for an engineering consultant firm. When I want to get the pulse on our industry, I call him. Recently, we had a great conversation about the technical…

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Clearfield® Smart Tip: Consider Your Pathway

The importance of a well-designed communications cabling pathway cannot be overstated in today’s bandwidth-hungry environment. Lost connections and subsequent downtime are simply not tolerated.…

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The Gratefulness Balance

A popular Thanksgiving tradition is going around the table and professing for what you’re grateful. Here at Clearfield, we have another tradition: our annual Gratefulness Party. Saturday’s party was…