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The switch flipped and now we’re in summer. April seemed like January here in the Midwest, so our spring was delayed by 30 days…and then it was instant summer, with temperatures approaching 100°F in…


Let the Season Begin

Living in Minnesota, you quickly learn about the seasons. People here laugh and say there’s really only two seasons—winter and construction season. You really can’t appreciate the wisdom of that…


One Crew, One Truck, One Day

When meeting with customers, I’m often asked for the “secret sauce” regarding constructing a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network. This is especially true when the focus is placed on issues such as cost…

|Case Studies

O-NET Brings Fiber Flexibility to MDU with YOURx Flex Box from Clearfield

O-NET delivers high-speed internet, television and phone services, and sought a MDU fiber-to-the-suite solution for a new 22-unit condo. Clearfield stepped in with the YOURx Flex Box.

|CEO Blog

Rosa Burns to Help Us Set the Bar Even Higher

While the world was excited to learn about the new addition to the British Royal family this week, we made an announcement of our own. Rosa Burns has joined the Clearfield community as our new Chief…

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Clearfield Appoints Rosa Burns as New Chief Revenue Officer

Former 3M and Alcatel Sales Executive Heads Up Global Sales Team – Clearfield, Inc . , the specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, has appointed Rosa Burns as its new Chief…