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MDU Fiber Management and Deployment

From 100 year old historic buildings, to modern high rise apartments, and everything in between, Multi-Dwelling Units pose many challenges and opportunities for service providers attempting to generate new services. Many Brownfield installations require technicians to become creative, routing fiber along and through walls, floors, and ceilings, or through existing conduit facilities when available, while maintaining an esthetic appeal. Space limitations make simple route paths and access difficult for network reconfiguration, troubleshooting, and maintenance and products and techniques devised for Single Family Units are not well suited for MDUs. As a result, installation time and costs can quickly add up. The key to capitalizing on these opportunities is to minimize investment and decrease the time to market.

There is no single magic bullet that addresses all MDU challenges. Flexible and scalable solutions help network operators resolve and avoid these various fiber-installation headaches.

The FieldSmart® fiber management platform is designed to lower the cost of broadband deployment and maintenance by consolidating, protecting, and distributing incoming and outgoing fiber circuits while the FieldShield® fiber delivery system reduces the time it takes to install, turn-up, and restore them. Based upon the Clearfield family of cassettes, including the original Clearview®, new Clearview Blue and xPAK designs, network providers benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of MDU solutions that scale to the unique needs of each individual building.

At Clearfield, we pride ourselves on having an expansive portfolio of carrier-class products designed to reduce the costs of broadband deployment, increase service turn-up time and align capital investment to the turn-up of revenue-generation circuits.

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Products for MDU Fiber Deployments