Clearfield (CLFD), Fiber to Anywhere
Simplifying Deployments for the MDU

MDU Whitepaper

When deploying fiber to both greenfield and brownfield MDU/MTU deployments, pre-connectorized, plug-and-play concepts are more cost effective than traditional fusion splicing methods.

The Clearfield plug-and-play solutions simplify fiber deployments to brownfield or greenfield MDU/MTU’s for faster deployments and less labor costs than traditional fusion splicing methods. 

For more on simplified deployments that speed time to revenue, read our white paper.

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MDU Video

Clearfield’s flexible, scalable, low labor requirement solutions solve key challenges when bringing fiber into brownfield and greenfield multi-dwelling units.  

MDU Product Solutions

Characterized by flexibility, scalability and low labor requirement, Clearfield’s multi-dwelling unit product offerings are designed to reduce the time necessary to install the network. Speed of installation is maximized by the use of existing infrastructure, implementing end-to-end, plug-and-play functionality, as well as providing the ability to interconnect any type of pathway and media (conduit, microduct, flat fiber, microfiber).