Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

As people demand higher speeds and better reliability for phone, television and high-speed internet, innovative solutions are needed to provide reliable service for the customer and a fast, cost-effective deployment for the service provider. This is more important in multi-dwelling unit (MDU) and multi-tenant unit (MTU) environments than in any other network area because each one is so different. Varying architectural layouts offer unique challenges. Tight spaces for fiber routing and extensive labor requirements are common throughout the installation.

Clearfield® provides solutions for speeding MDU/MTU installations…and by doing this, speeding your time to revenue.

1. Plug-and-Play Architecture

Clearfield’s plug-and-play architecture allows for fewer fusion splices, fewer fusion machines and less need for technicians to be trained on prepping and making fusion splices. The time and budget challenges with outfitting a field team with splicing equipment are significant…making a plug-and-play method faster and more cost-effective.

2. FieldShield Fiber Assemblies and YOURx Interconnects

Recognizing that no two MDU/MTU networks are alike, Clearfield developed the industry’s widest choice of drop cable solutions – speeding deployments and providing the flexibility of configuration that best suits your network environment, network design and drop cable needs. Our FieldShield® fiber assemblies and YOURx interconnects bring a comprehensive portfolio of field-tested solutions designed to reduce the high capital costs associated with fiber deployment, management and protection, and scaling a fiber optic network to the varied demands of an MDU or MTU development.

3. YOURx Flex Box

The YOURx Flex Box with FieldShield StrongFiber Drop Wheels delivers the ability to easily deploy fiber to the unit/suite through protected pathways. The FieldShield Drop Wheels give additional flexibility to feed any of the suites/units without the headache of slack management or knowing the precise lengths of fiber to each unit/suite. The drop wheels contain FieldShield StrongFiber…an innovative, spool-based fiber technology that is pulled through microduct at turn-up…maximizing installation efficiency. If a duct or fiber is damaged, or for future upgrades, the fiber is easily pulled from the microduct. The duct is then repaired and a new FieldShield StrongFiber assembly is pushed or pulled through the microduct for a fast and cost-effective restoration or upgrade.

Service providers realize additional time and money savings through the combination of FieldShield StrongFiber Drop Wheels and FieldShield Microduct, since it only requires one technician to re-pull the fiber to the suite/unit. Quick and easy deployment allows for more efficient capital investment while aligning with customer take rates. Clearfield’s fiber solutions offer flexibility while also lowering the service provider’s overall cost of ownership.

As you look for ways of speeding time to revenue in your MDU/MTU environments, consider the benefits of plug-and-play solutions and we invite you to reach out to Clearfield. We have tons of experience with MDU/MTU deployments and are happy to help.