Clearfield (CLFD), Fiber to Anywhere

Clearfield, (Nasdaq:CLFD), is a specialist in fiber and copper connectivity. In addition to a proprietary product line designed for the broadband service provider marketplace, Clearfield has a dedicated business unit focused at providing contract manufacturing services for the market’s most demanding original equipment manufacturers.

For more than 20 years, elements of the company have delivered low volume/high mix connectivity solutions for the broadest range of copper and fiber assemblies --- no matter the connector or cable type, we can terminate it! We pride ourselves on not only delivering quality products, but also doing so on a quick-turn at a cost-effective price. Our team of customer service and engineering professionals are available for technical consultation on your most demanding connectivity questions.

We also provide Electro-Mechanical Assembly Services for our OEM customers by integrating sheet metal components with power supplies, switches, controllers or sensors and interconnecting them with cables and wire harnesses manufactured at Clearfield, Inc.

Additional information about Clearfield can be found here.