Clearfield (CLFD), Fiber to Anywhere

Clearfield’s commitment to excellence starts with its collaborative partnerships with its key suppliers. By layering our stocking program along a network of original equipment suppliers and core distributors, Clearfield integrates greater flexibility into your sourcing initiatives. Continuing improving upon these relationships leads to increased productivity and reductions in inefficiencies.

Some of the strategic programs that Clearfield has implemented are:

  1. “Automatic-inventory-replenishment” with its key suppliers, where inventory levels are monitored by Clearfield suppliers and replenished – avoiding stock out situations.
  2. “Joint strategic inventory”, where Clearfield’s customers can procure inventory from Clearfield’s purchase orders, through its suppliers.
  3. Bonded inventory held in reserve by Clearfield’s suppliers.
  4. Advance shipping notice (ASN), sent by suppliers, ensuring inventories arrive on time.
  5. Quarterly Supplier Evaluations are done to monitor quality, costs, on-time-delivery and other metrics.

Clearfield continually invests in technology to allow us to serve you better.