Resources on Fiber Optic Products

Inspect Then Connect!

Cleaning the fiber connectors before inserting into an adapter is of critical importance in order to meet the demands for ever-increasing network speed and reliability. Working with installers…

Installation Manuals

Read these ship-along installation manuals for the specific instructions, as well as some of our tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way, to install Clearfield products successfully into your network.

Product Literature

Get an overview of our product lines with our brochure or go straight to the technical details you need with the Clearfield Application Guide.

Recorded Seminars

Thank you for watching one of our recorded seminars and furthering your fiber education with us.

Smart Tips

Shorter than a white paper but just as informational! Increase your product knowledge with these “Smart Tips” from our market managers who are immersed in the fields everyday.


Whether it is a demonstration video, taped interview or a product animation, we will find a way to present information to you for more informed decisions about Clearfield products or applications that…

White Papers

Our white papers provide you with the in-depth information you need to aid in your own research and decision making-process on many fiber industry topics.

Application Notes

Our Application Notes provide you with information on many topics of the fiber industry.