Fiber Optic Products

As wireless carriers built out cell towers to quickly establish broad coverage (macro cells), device manufacturers created bandwidth hungry consumer devices (e.g., iPhone) that put a strain on these networks. This caused wireless carriers to develop technologies that covered small areas rather than large. The traditional installation went from towers and rooftops to compact base stations often mounted in hidden spaces in existing right-of-way (ROW) like utility poles, street lights, and street signs.

These small cell antennas when networked together bring about substantially more capacity and coverage for mobile hungry devices and applications.

As the specialists in passive fiber management and connectivity platforms for communications providers, Clearfield offers a comprehensive portfolio of field tested solutions designed to reduce the high costs associated with deploying, managing, protecting, and scaling a fiber optic network to the demands of wireless carriers.

Our unique single architecture, modular fiber management platform is designed to lower the cost of broadband deployment and maintenance by consolidating, protecting, and distributing incoming and outgoing fiber circuits, enabling our customers to scale their operations as their subscriber revenues increase.

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