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The Small Cell is another critical component in the arsenal of today’s wireless providers as they equip their networks for the dramatic increase in wireless coverage that 5G will demand. Small Cells help to boost an area of weak coverage within a macro cell network by offloading traffic normally handled by the macro cell.

Image representing the availability of wireless 5g coverage from Clearfield

Lower Deployment Costs

By utilizing existing backbone network fibers, Small Cells leverage singlemode fiber cabling, requiring the same fiber management needed in the mass market PON environment. Clearfield offers a comprehensive portfolio of field tested solutions designed to reduce the high costs associated with deploying, managing, protecting and scaling small cell deployments. The specialists in fiber management and connectivity, Clearfield’s unique, single architecture, modular product platform is built around the Clearview® Cassette — the building block of any Small Cell deployment.

Maximum Density

Beginning at the CO/Headend, Clearfield products allow for an end-to-end system that utilizes modular, plug-and-play components. The FieldSmart® Fiber Crossover Multi-Purpose  (FxMP) Patch Panel, with its modular approach, allows for maximum density in the frame and the ability to grow-as-you-go, providing best-in-industry fiber management that ensures the hand-off from CO to transport fiber is safe and secure.

Faster Installations

From the FxMP Panel loaded with Clearview Cassettes, FieldShield® Pushable Fiber and Microduct deliver connectivity through a protected pathway from the transport fiber to each antenna location. Pre-connectorized FieldShield fiber and Microducts allow for easier designs, faster installations (NO splicing) and a lower deployment costs by providing a plug-and-play assembly that both protects and is easily connected at each Small Cell site.    

Easier Fiber Access

The hand-off from transport to antenna locations is the last and often the most challenging section of a Small Cell network deployment as it often requires a technician to work in close proximity to traffic and other hazards. FieldShield Pushable Fiber and Microducts, allow for quick and easy access to these wireless sites. The robust nature of the microduct allows placement in virtually any environment, including on or inside a small cell tower ensuring that you can get fiber to where you need it, in the quickest and most cost effective manner. The handoff to each antenna location takes place within the Clearview xPAK.  This cost effective, small port count enclosure accepts FieldShield fiber for a plug-and-play approach, minimizing technician time in the field and further reducing the time and money required for turn up. 

The StreetSmart Fiber Hand-Off Box is a field driven product that offers a point of demarcation between backhaul providers and network operators. The hinged plate with its 216 tool locking mechanism provides security between the wireless and wireline provider while providing a single test point. The angled adapter plate, designed with technicians in mind, offers easy port access for cleaning and maintenance. Read the whitepaper, The StreetSmart Fiber Hand-Off Box for Wireline to Wireless Applications, for additional information on how the Hand-Off Box plays in the small cell arena.

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