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Start FOA Certification from Home or Office with Clearfield’s Online Training

The demand for qualified fiber optic technicians is growing and access to the communication industry’s best practices knowledge is vital to keeping up with that demand. From online courses to full…

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Clearfield: Solving the Mission Impossible with the StreetSmart Aerial FDH

Don’t you love when you get handed a project that seems impossible? Many of our customers get these assignments every day. One of the major issues is permitting regarding OSP construction. The city…

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The Sky Is the Limit With New StreetSmart Aerial Fiber Distribution Hub From Clearfield

Designed to streamline aerial FTTx deployments in both rural and urban neighborhoods, reducing overall installation time from days to minutes MINNEAPOLIS--Clearfield, Inc.  , the specialist in fiber…

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3 Ways of Speeding Time to Revenue in the MDU/MTU

As people demand higher speeds and better reliability for phone, television and high-speed internet, innovative solutions are needed to provide reliable service for the customer and a fast…

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Clearfield: Wireless in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed most people’s work lives…including mine. I’m happy to do my part in keeping people safer. But my lifestyle now is quite different, since I normally…

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Clearfield: Electric Co-ops Light Up the Grid with Fiber

Imagine not having reliable electricity to keep your closest hospital running, your work humming and all the many other uses that we take for granted. When the lights go out, so does our patience and…