Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

StreetSmart: having practical rather than theoretical knowledge, such as what is learned on the streets rather than in the classroom.

Clearfield’s StreetSmart products are developed not only on our fiber expertise, but on the knowledge and experience of our field engineers and the customers that work in the field day-in-and-day-out to provide the best in broadband services.

By listening to our customers and recognizing their pain points, understanding what they needed to overcome these pain points and then collaborating with them to develop products that work hand in hand with their networks, we were able to deliver StreetSmart products that are:

  • Engineered from street-proven experience
  • Craft-friendly
  • Have built in fiber management
  • Common Sense designs that get the job done

StreetSmart products provide all the best-in-class fiber management that our customers have come to know from Clearfield.

The StreetSmart Fiber Hand-Off Box is a field-driven product that offers up to a 48 port point of demarcation between backhaul providers and network operators.  The hinged plate with its 216 tool locking mechanism provides security between the wireless and wireline provider while providing a single test point. The angled adapter plate, designed with technicians in mind, offers easy port access for cleaning and maintenance.

The StreetSmart Small Count Fiber Hand-Off Box is an ideal fiber termination solution for 5G or DAS deployment, as it supports extending the fiber fronthaul and backhaul capabilities. Offering 6 or 12 ports of connectivity in a compact box provides cost-effective, craft-friendly fiber handoff for carriers targeting smaller MDU FTTP services.

When the network deployment plan calls out for an aerial application, Clearfield’s StreetSmart Aerial FDH provides an interconnect environment from the feeder network through the optical passive splitter to the distribution network.

The StreetSmart Pre-Assigned FDH PON Cabinet provides a turn-key solution for up to 288 distribution fibers for an outside plant FTTx PON application.