Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

Custom-built for the unique light requirements and interoperability needs of PON splitting, fiber exhaust scenarios and coarse and dense division multiplexing, Clearfield delivers unparalleled fiber performance with its WaveSmart® Optical Components.

Key to the success of a fiber deployment is the performance and precision of the optical components deployed in the inside and outside plant environment. Clearfield leads the way with WaveSmart Optical Component technologies for PON splitting and C/W division multiplexing. These products are custom built to your unique split ratios, light requirements and interoperability needs.

Further, Clearfield’s expertise in the termination of fiber ensures these components are connectorized to optimize their performance potential. Teamed with Clearfield’s experience in bend radius protection, the optimal packaging for these components is within the Clearview® Cassette. In addition, Clearfield provides modular optical components packaging within an LGX footprint as well as other space saving chassis enclosures.

We specialize in the manufacturing, termination and packaging of optical components to custom-built configurations. Our rapid turn-around time consistently beats the lead time quoted by our competitors for standard configuration. Clearfield design experts can consult with you on your optical component needs and specify a product line to solve your application requirements.

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