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A Digital World Requires Digital Fiber Installation Solutions

Have you ever seen the commercial, “There’s an app for that”? We’ve taken Clearfield’s fiber installation expertise in the field and scaled it up via the release of Clearfield products on the BILT®…

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How do I deploy thee? Let me count the ways!

The first $42.45 billion BEAD grant awards should be occurring in the second half of 2024, part of a five-year process to connect millions of unserved and underserved households and businesses with…

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Living on The Edge Computing

Everyone loves the cloud for its convenience and ability to host and hold just about anything you can think of, but there are places where it falls drastically short. Latency becomes more critical…

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Our Trifecta of New Year’s Reaffirmations

It is cliché to offer New Year's Resolutions right after issuing predictions for the upcoming year. I would like to start 2024 on a different path, where Clearfield reaffirms our commitment to core…

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Big Things Are Coming – Making Sense of the Next 12 Months

If there’s an overarching concept dominating 2024, it’s that big things are coming. Highly touted BEAD funding and lesser-hyped private investments are priming the pump for many years of network…

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Clearfield Requires Little Translation for the UK

Clearfield has been supplying U.S. service providers in rural and urban areas with reliable fiber deployment solutions for over 15 years, including pre-connectorized cable, ducts, indoor and outdoor…