Fiber Optic Products

Pushing Fiber to Your Desired Distribution or Drop Point

FieldShield® is a fiber pathway and protection method aimed at reducing the cost of "last mile" broadband deployment with pushable fiber.

Pushable Fiber technology continues Clearfield's commitment to user-defined configurability, enabling users to push or pull specially designed hardened fiber cable assemblies through a series of ruggedized microducts, delivering fiber to even the hardest to reach environments. Fiber can be buried with the simplest and least invasive trenching techniques, as well as run directly up a cell tower, while being fully protected from the harshest elements. Ease of field restoration is ensured regardless of installation method or environment in which it is installed. Should the microduct be cut for whatever reason, the fiber is easily removed, the duct repaired with a simple coupler, and fiber pushed back into place with limited interruption or inconvenience.

Installing fiber where you want it, when you want it, cost-effectively is the promise of the FieldShield optical fiber protection system.

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  • FieldShield Ruggedized Microduct

    FieldShield starts with a Ruggedized Microduct designed to support all aerial, direct bury, and inside plant “last mile” needs. Created from the most rugged HDPE polymers, FieldShield Microduct is strong enough to be placed using traditional methods of boring and plowing, allowing you to leverage your existing conduit placement equipment, as well as newer, less disruptive technologies such as micro trenching or saw cutting.

    What’s more, due to its high column strength, FieldShield Microducts can be deployed as a rod directly within a larger occupied duct that was previously thought exhausted. The lack of space and the costs associated with constructing new pathways through the riser space can be just as prohibitive as digging up city streets.

    Available for aerial and buried environments in the OSP as well as in a plenum configuration for riser environments, FieldShield provides the pathway to quickly deliver a crush-resistant FieldShield pushable fiber assembly. Additional FieldShield Accessories are also available to help install and complete a project.

  • FieldShield Fiber Cable and Connectors

    Whether you choose to push or pull the fiber into the FieldShield Microduct, the PBT jacket of Clearfield's FieldShield Pushable Fiber easily slips through the microduct's smooth inner wall. Utilizing OFS bend-insensitive glass, FieldShield Pushable Fiber is available in a variety of fiber counts: 1 to 12 fibers in a 3mm jacket and up to 24 fibers in a 4mm jacket.

    Deployed in the OSP, FieldShield StrongFiber becomes the first 900um OSP drop cable. User may specify standard connectors or FieldShield Pushable Connectors that enable FieldShield StrongFiber to be easily pulled through FieldShield Ruggedized Microduct. Teamed with spooling technology incorporated into Clearfield’s StrongFiber Deploy Reel , StrongFiber drop cables of up to 300 feet are shipped on a 4.5” x 1” reel with integrated bulkhead and pre-mated adapter that can be easily mounted into a small form factor fiber management element of choice, from customer wall boxes, demarcation points, pedestals and cabinets to SFU/MDU environments. StrongFiber as an ISP cable reduces pre-engineering and on-site installation time for MDU and Riser deployments.

    A factory pre-connectorized FieldShield Pushable Connector eliminates costly labor in the field and presents reliable, consistent and guaranteed performance for FieldShield Drop Cables, along with lower installation costs. After being installed in the microduct, the slip-resistant protective housing is removed and the SC and LC Pushable Connectors snap together - all in seconds, providing the most cost-effective, tech-friendly means of installing optical fiber without jeopardizing fiber protection.

    Designed to simplify the deployment of fiber where multiple fibers are required, the FieldShield MPO Pushable Connector is designed to be terminated on 6 and 12 fiber FieldShield Pushable Assemblies. Using the FieldShield MPO plug-and-play solution in conjuction with FieldShield Pushable Drop Cables greatly reduces installation costs for Fiber to the Home (FTTH) installations, business class services, cell backhaul or any other small count delivery application.

  • FieldShield Drop Cables

    No two networks are exactly alike, so effective drop cable solutions are those that give the customer the flexibility of configuration that best suits their build needs. Clearfield is the only company to deliver drop cable options for any first build desire. FieldShield FLATdrop is designed for traditional flat-drop cable connectivity, but removes the added cost or need for bulky connectors. FieldShield D-ROP is a pre-connectorized "Restorable One Pass" drop cable delivered to the market, pre-placed in a FieldShield 7mm Microduct. This single pass deployment provides ease of restoration in the event of a fiber cut. Finally, FieldShield FLEXdrop is available for aerial and buried environments in the OSP or plenum and riser-rated configurations in the inside plant. FLEXdrop gives installers the ultimate in flexibility to satisfy multiple environments with a single solution. Your X = Your Drop Cable Choice!

  • Completing the Platform

    Pushable fiber technology is a crucial element of a total fiber protection system. Clearfield completes the product portfolio with the FieldSmart® platform of fiber management, protecting fiber from the inside plant through the outside plant and all the way to the access network with a full line of panels, frame, cabinets, and wall boxes. At the heart of the FieldSmart architecture is the Clearview® Cassette. Teaming FieldShield with the Clearview Cassette takes the value of this drop cable technology and extends it to multi-fiber deployments. Clearview Cassettes are available pre-terminated with a FieldShield Pushable Cable assembly, ready to be routed through microduct, and back to the splice point.

    Optimized to support or house FieldSmart fiber management products and the FieldShield Pushable Fiber portfolio, CraftSmart® Pedestals and Vaults provide turn-key physical protection at the access point of the network in above-ground installations.