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Clearfield®: How to Avoid a Traffic Jam

Population growth implies the increase of many things; for example, the quantity of cars in cities, the construction of houses and buildings, the deployment of public services, and the production of…


Clearfield: Top 2 Success Factors on First Fiber Installs

You’ve just received your order from Clearfield® . Now it’s time to schedule your first-install support from Clearfield! You and your team are all probably very excited to get going, but how about we…


Clearfield®: Turning "No Thank You" into "Thank You"

One of my good friends is a vice president for an engineering consultant firm. When I want to get the pulse on our industry, I call him. Recently, we had a great conversation about the technical…


Clearfield: Cleaning Connectors

I smile as I think back to those days my friends and I spent outside playing games such as tag, kick the can, hide-and-seek or football. First it starts getting dark. Then my mom and the neighbor…



Once again, it’s time for me to travel. As the plane lands on the first leg of my trip, I immediately check my app or look at the flight status board in the airport to make sure my connection is on…


Arrows in a Quiver

When I was younger, and about this time every year, I would grab two bales of straw, put a heavy rubber mat over the back of them, find a piece of old cardboard and put a few dots on it with spray…