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Double Your Rate of Fiber Homes Connected with FastPass™ Connect

We’re in a once-in-a-lifetime volume of activity around bridging the digital divide. Figure 1 shows the tens of billions of dollars available from many of the major broadband funding programs. What…

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Clearfield® Showcases Solutions that Speed and Ease Fiber Deployments at ISE EXPO and Cable-Tec

Join Clearfield at key industry events and see how we can help you overcome challenges by taking advantage of our plug-and-play, craft-friendly fiber optic technology. ISE EXPO Our products make it…

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Terminating High Fiber Count Cables Made Easy

I periodically get asked the question – do you have a panel that can handle 864 or 1,728 fibers? These cable counts are getting more and more popular with networks like 5G fronthaul and active…

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Big Light in a Small Town: Connecting Rural America

Over the course of time, much of the rural American landscape may not have changed physically, yet the communications needs certainly have. The need for reliable, high-speed fiber broadband networks…

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DOUBLING Your Rate of Fiber Homes Passed is a Matter of TIME

Surpassing your deployment milestones by doubling the rate of your PON cabinet deployments is possible. Clearfield® customers do it every day with modular, building block architectures using…

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A Better Stadium Experience Starts With Fiber

On Sunday I was at the Jacksonville Jaguars home opener. I used to be a Vikings fan but now I traded in my purple and gold for the black and teal. Guess I am just a glutton for punishment. At the game…