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Don’t Be Afraid

Those are the words that my father would tell me as a shy little girl. I come from a large family - 7 brothers and 2 sisters. We all support each other - from the early years to today. As…

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Clearfield’s Ruggedized Splitter: A Cut Above the Rest

Optical components are ever more prevalent in the deployment of fiber optics, offering network distributors increased performance and reliability in extreme conditions. When optical components move…

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The Why’s of Bi-Directional Fiber Testing

The end goal when constructing a fiber network is to create strong, clear fiber connectivity across the board. This ensures the fastest signal is provided to the customer, whether commercial or…

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The Fiber Broadband Industry Needs More Women Workers

The current labor shortage opens up big opportunities for women…if only these opportunities were better known. Many women receive tons of information about traditional paths – such as teachers…

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Clean Connections: The Importance of Clean Fiber Connectors

There’s a lot to keep track of during a fiber installation, and often it’s the things that may seem small and insignificant that cause the biggest headaches down the line. Proper maintenance of fiber…

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Double Your Rate of Fiber Homes Connected with FastPass™ Connect

We’re in a once-in-a-lifetime volume of activity around bridging the digital divide. Figure 1 shows the tens of billions of dollars available from many of the major broadband funding programs. What…