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Clearfield: How the YOURx Multi-Purpose Terminal (MPT) Lowers Labor/Construction and Equipment Costs for the MTU

In most fiber optic construction builds, labor/construction accounts for 70% of the cost of deployment. Equipment costs account for the remaining 30%. Since labor/construction is, by far, the single…


Clearfield: Bigger Is Smaller with a FieldSmart Fiber Active Cabinet (FAC) 5400

If you’ve been in the telecommunications industry for a few years (like me), when you drive around, you notice every communications enclosure on your route. You may see many different sizes and shapes…


Clearfield: Getting the D-ROP on Fiber

When I grew up in rural Ohio, my brother and I played cops and robbers with neighborhood kids in the fields and woods that surrounded our property. We were about the same age and it was big fun for us…


Clearfield: How the FieldSmart Fiber Active Cabinet (FAC 900) Keeps It Low

When speaking with customers about Clearfield® FieldSmart® Fiber Active Cabinets, I often call them “versatile,” which is defined as “able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or…


Clearfield: Going Paperless

The first Earth Day celebration occurred nearly 50 years ago on April 22, 1970 as the spring sunshine brought out 20 million Americans in support of environmental reform[1] . Since then companies…


Clearfield: How In-Cassette Splicing Reduces Your Costs

Optical fiber components continue to change, making the deployment of networks less expensive, simpler and quicker to deploy, and easier to maintain. In the early days of optical fiber networks…