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Using FieldShield in the Cellular World

With the onset of LTE and other broadband hungry technologies, cell tower owners and operators have seen the need to not just bring fiber to the base of the tower, but to take fiber UP the tower as…

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FieldSmart FDP-KIS Wireless Application Scenarios

Multiple Cell Back Haul Demarcation with Consolidation Point The Clearfield FieldSmart® FDP-KIS box can be deployed as a stand-alone demarcation point either on or in-building of the carrier’s presence…

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Using FieldShield in MDU Applications

MDU’S – In the communications industry, these three letters strike fear into the hearts of planners, engineers and construction forces. Unlike SFU’s, multi-dwelling units can’t be lumped into one…

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Clearfield’s CWDM Information Guide

Would you like to know a little more about CWDMs? We have created this document (downloads/smart-tips/Clearfield_CWDM_Document.pdf) to help define and explain the different CWDM types and the options…

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Hub Collapse Cabinets

By: Tom Warren Many of Clearfield’s MSO customers have considered collapsing certain hub locations. The applications vary but the reason is the same. They want to save money. Electronics manufacturers…

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Distribution Networks

By: Brian Schrand When building a FTTH network ( , there are two basic architectures that you can choose from for your…