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MDU’S – In the communications industry, these three letters strike fear into the hearts of planners, engineers and construction forces. Unlike SFU’s, multi-dwelling units can’t be lumped into one category. They are like finger prints – all uniquely different.

Most MDU’s can be broken down into four different segments:

  1. High rise
  2. Small to mid-size apartments
  3. Town homes or condos
  4. Garden style units – usually 4 to 6

Each type of MDU requires a staff of planners, engineers, field crews and construction forces that are knowledgeable about the physical construction of each type of MDU. However, building FTTH in MDU applications doesn’t have to be difficult when deploying Clearfield’s FieldShield® products.

When FieldShield Microduct is run from a common fiber demarcation in each building, a permanent pathway is established. This is similar to when 4 inch conduit is placed to sever a building, except in this application, a small microduct to each living unit.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to deploy the fiber until the customer takes your service. This defers the cost and ensures that the fiber is good. FieldShield Microducts come in different varieties which will allow you to run them externally or internally of the building. So whatever your application might be, FieldShield product will meet it.