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Clearfield Smart Tip: What a Contractor Wants

Increasingly, there is a need for faster and faster fiber network turn-up times. Having the right material that contractors like to use show up on time at the site makes the contractors more efficient…

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Clearfield Smart Tip: Safety First

On one of my customer visits, I spoke with a new technician who was very excited to start his splicing career. Unfortunately, like many new employees and contractors, this tech learned some basic…

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Clearfield Smart Tip: First Inspect, Then Connect

Scoping and cleaning fiber optic connections during test and turn-up are continually stressed to contractors...and for good reason. Many of us Application Engineers at Clearfield® deal with issues…

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Clearfield®: Top 3 Tips for Pulling FieldShield® Fiber

Congratulations! After all the planning and preparing, you are now ready to start pulling in your FieldShield Fiber from Clearfield. Maybe you are new to microfiber, maybe you are new to Clearfield…

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Clearfield® Smart Tip: YOURx®-Terminal

In keeping with Clearfield’s “keep it simple” approach to fiber-fed deployments, features of the YOURx-Terminal, such as the interchangeable FieldShield® FlexCartridge®, allow it to be configured as…

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Clearfield® Smart Tip: One Chance

You only have one chance to do it right the first time. I am an evangelist for fiber jumper routing the right way. When I was a Central Office supervisor in downtown Minneapolis, proper jumper routing…