Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

Increasingly, there is a need for faster and faster fiber network turn-up times. Having the right material that contractors like to use show up on time at the site makes the contractors more efficient and positively affects the return on investment (ROI). Contractors use a variety of materials from a number of different suppliers sourced from several locations. With their experience, they know what works and they know what they want—products that are easy to understand, highly reliable, quick to get and fast to put in place.

Contractors like quick and easy deployments when it comes to fiber optic products because the faster the turn-up, the faster they get paid. A few examples come to mind:

  • A customer at a rural telephone cooperative said to me, “I have a warehouse full of products that contractors tell me they would rather use. If it helps them get an area ready faster, that means we can start getting revenue faster. We are all for it, and that is where Clearfield® excels.”
  • Another company doing an FTTH project was set on using products from a different manufacturer until the contractor for the build convinced the customer that Clearfield cabinets were much easier to use, easier to put in place and faster to get on site (with a 2-3 week lead time versus a 6-8 week lead time).
  • Finally, a leading integrated infrastructure solutions provider asked about a project in Clearfield’s “sweet spot” with our plug-and-play platform, FieldShield® fiber pathway/protection system and 1RU panels. Again, our quick lead times, our product simplicity and our efficient ease-of-use made Clearfield the best choice for this company and its sub-contractors.

When it comes to contractors’ input on what material to use, they have significant influence. And if certain fiber optic products can improve a contractor’s ROI, then customers are more than willing to listen to their contractors. With easy-to-use and dependable products, plus industry-leading support, Clearfield helps contractors as they move from project to project.

We often talk about Clearfield’s design philosophy being the difference between the pen and the pencil. We aim to keep things simple. Designing a pen when all that is needed is a pencil only increases the cost to the customer and has no real added benefit. We’ve sharpened our pencil for our customers and contractors…giving them the products they need at a price point they want.

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By Curtis Lancaster

Curtis Lancaster was born into the communications business; his grandparents owned Chesnee Telephone Company in South Carolina for 85 years. As a teenager, Curtis spent summers working at Chesnee Telephone: plowing cable, doing installs and troubleshooting. Former positions include OSP Technician, Field Engineer and Manager of Operations & Engineering. A graduate of ITT Technical Institute, Curtis has over 5 years of experience at Clearfield and is currently on the Application Engineering team.