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America Still Builds

By Jim Pilgrim I am a motor-head, I love cars. I also like a good television commercial, but the good ones are so rare. There are a couple of recent commercials that really caught my eye. The first is…

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Clearfield Launches ‘The Fiber Color Pages’

Monthly commentaries to delve into fiber industry issues, posted on Clearfield’s MINNEAPOLIS (August 17, 2010) — Clearfield, Inc. has launched The Fiber Color Pages, the first in a…

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Nickels and Dimes

By Jim Pilgrim I spent a couple of days in the Chicago area last week. Normally I go around it when I am travelling SE from Minnesota. I take I39 south through Rockford, IL, hit I80 and head straight…

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Is Plug and Play the Future of FTTH?

Service providers, consultants, engineering companies and contractors are all working together in building Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks. The methods that they’re using to build and design these…

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Service with a Smile

By Gordy Spray A few weeks ago my wife brought the family vehicle in for repairs. There were several items we wanted checked out so when the garage called back with an estimate we braced ourselves for…

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Dinosaurs vs. Mammals

By Jim Pilgrim There are many theories on why the Dinosaurs disappeared from earth 65 million years ago. (An asteroid that hit the Yucatan peninsula, a super nova, climatic changes that raised the…