Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

By Jim Pilgrim

Fuel, wick, and spark – simple. Built to last – stainless steel case, rugged – quality hinge. Wear out a flint, replace it. I’ve had my classic Zippo lighter for over 20 years and it works as it did from the day I got it. Only a few scratches on the case, just like me.

Tom is a farmer in Southern Minnesota and a friend of mine. We were golfing a couple of weeks ago and he was limping a bit on a new knee he just had replaced 3 months earlier. After a lifetime of work, he was talking with his doctor. Tom asked if he “should slow down?” His doctor said “do what you want; if you wear out a part, we’ll replace it”.

Look at the bottom of a Zippo and you will see “Made in USA”. Open the door on one of our fiber cabinets and you will find the same. The case (shell) on our cabinet is powder-coated aluminum. It may get a few scratches over the years but you will never see rust. If you are doing PON and want to change the split ratio from 1×32 to 1×16 or 1×8, simple plug and play. In the future if you want to go Active from PON; simply bolt in a cross-connect bulkhead. WDM PON? No problem. Pop in some WDM cassettes and you are good to go.

The best designs will be simple, provide protection, and will be easy to work in.

As your FTTH networks evolve, swap out parts in our products, and “Do what you want”.

Whether you are replacing a flint, knee or splitter, cassette – Simple.