Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

By Jim Pilgrim

The majority of my work at Clearfield is discussing and designing fiber networks with Consulting Engineers. We work together to design current projects and also discuss what technologies the industry is migrating to. Most of my meetings are in office conference rooms, white boards and paper. Occasionally I get the opportunity to get out in the field, and get my hands dirty. This week was one of those treats. We have a customer that purchased one of our pedestal fiber inserts; we have different mounting options that allow it to bolt into a variety of manufacturer’s peds. Our customer had just purchased a new ped and they were having problems getting it to fit correctly. I was going to be in their area, so I told them I would stop by and give it a look. When I first opened the “new” ped I looked at the Date of Manufacture and it was January 2006. It appears that the door locking mechanism had changed since then. The locking rods were on the inside of the door and it interfered with the Fiber insert. We found a way to reposition it so the doors would shut properly. As long as I was there we decided to uninstall the fiber insert and try it in another ped they had (a newer one, only one year old). While opening the cardboard box, I sliced my finger open. I was south of the Mason-Dixon Line and of course it was hot and humid; wringing wet and bleeding all over the place. The good news is our fiber insert fit perfectly, as advertised.

Our customer was happy, and will make sure they order peds that were manufactured with the new door locks that were made in the last 2 years. I learned how to make our fiber insert work on older style peds; and more importantly, to be more careful with a knife.

I’m certain I left a little of my blood on that ped. I’m pretty sure I left the impression that Clearfield is willing to get their hands dirty and bleed a little for our customers.