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By Jim Pilgrim If you have read any of my blogs in the past you know that I travel all over the country. You also know that I drive most of the time given that my meetings are usually spread out and…

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The Human Element

By Jim Pilgrim Have you seen the Dow Corporation commercial? It talks about the Human Element of their company. The commercial portrays the human affects that this Science and Technology company has…

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Timing Is Everything

By Jim Pilgrim I’m driving down the freeway through the great state of Michigan near the end of a long day. When I pulled off the interstate my car started running rough and it stalled at the bottom…

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In The Club

By Jim Pilgrim I’ve joined the club. West Central Telephone Association just today cut me over from copper to their new FTTH network. There are a couple of odd circumstances that stand out to me in…

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Landing Small-Count Fiber Just Got Even Easier

New FieldSmart enclosure complements Clearview xPAK, delivers fiber connectivity for under $100. MINNEAPOLIS (April 16, 2010) — Clearfield, Inc. announced its latest innovation in fiber management, the…

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By Jim Pilgrim “Horsepower sells cars, but torque wins races.” – Carroll Shelby In physics, Newton’s Second Law states: Net force acting upon an object causes acceleration directly proportional to the…