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Is Your Network Ready for the Big Race?

The stock car racing season is approaching fast and much like communication networks – it’s a balance of speed and distance with each track posing different challenges to maintain your speed without…

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Grounding or No Grounding – What’s Required for Fiber?

Working with customers across the country to install our duct and buried fiber delivery solutions, we’re often asked how grounding applies to the installation. As I began to research the topic more…

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Best Drop Option for Your Build Priority

Recognizing that no two networks are alike, Clearfield has developed the industry’s widest choice of drop cable solutions – giving you the flexibility of configuration that best suits your network…

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You Get What You Pay For

Customers go to great lengths when designing and building a FTTH network. The time, labor and cost is significant. Depending on the size of the FTTH deployment, most build costs will be in the upper…

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It’s Time to Ribbonize

Technological advancements have made building a fiber network faster and more efficient. One of those advancements is the reintroduction of ribbon fiber. Ribbon fiber, unlike most advancements, isn’t…

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You Want Fiber Where?

I’m an application engineer for Clearfield and just when I think I’ve seen the capacity of what fiber optics can do, I run into an application that knocks my socks off. The lowering costs of SFP’s and…