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Better, Stronger, Faster…Might Just be Bionic!

Years ago, my brother Nick and I sat on the floor of my parents’ house, anticipating the start of our favorite show: “The Six Million Dollar Man.” The distinctive opening is riveting: “Steve Austin…



If you are unfamiliar with the term “CoExistence Element,” you won’t be for long. It’s coming, and faster than you think. Next-Generation PON2 (NGPON2) is a 40 Gb/s multi-wavelength system that can…


A Fresh Look at Fiber Deployment

Clearfield® is excited to launch a new look at the 2018 ISE EXPO with the debut of our new product display trailer. We look forward to the opportunity of showing off this fresh look to thousands of…

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Lincoln Telephone Doubles Its Speed of Home Connections Per Day with the Simplicity of the YOURx-TAP and FieldShield FLATdrop from Clearfield

Lincoln Telephone provides voice, video and internet services to the Lincoln, MT, area. The company has a multi-year project to connect rural residents by increasing access to broadband.

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Hello. Happy Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

Were you aware that July is “Cell Phone Courtesy Month?” If not, you were probably just distracted by your phone. According to Pew Research, the vast majority of Americans – 95% – now own a cellphone…


Hey Dad—What Does That Sound Mean?

A typical conversation with my dad began, “Hey Dad—what does that sound mean?” My phone being held up to the engine of a car that I desperately need to keep running. Dad on the other end of the phone…