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Fiber Active Cabinet

So how long have active (or powered) cabinets for telecom services been around?  Well, since there have been telecom services.  And I don’t mean smoke signals, drums and pigeons, for which there is an…

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Clearfield Launches New FieldSmart Fiber Active Cabinets

Fiber-optimized outdoor cabinets meet rigorous demands to accommodate integration of any active component MINNEAPOLIS –February 19, 2019 – Clearfield, Inc . , the specialist in fiber management for…


Clearfield: Improve Your Odds Using a Fiber Optic Depth Finder

A depth finder (or fish finder) has 4 basic parts: transmitter, transducer, receiver and display. It works by sending a signal down into the water and looking for some of that energy to bounce back.…

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Clearfield Partners with Sales Outsource Solutions to Address Growth in Canadian Market

New manufacturer's representative agreement enables Canadian telco carriers and enterprises with faster access to innovative fiber management solutions MINNEAPOLIS, MN and MISSISSAUGA, ON – February…

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Clearfield Smart Tip: First Inspect, Then Connect

Scoping and cleaning fiber optic connections during test and turn-up are continually stressed to contractors...and for good reason. Many of us Application Engineers at Clearfield® deal with issues…

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Polar Vortex?

Try Working in -104°F at the South Pole to Learn More About Outer Space. Al Roker has had a lot to say about the Polar Vortex that’s sweeping the nation. In fact, almost every media outlet has lead…