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Clearfield Smart Tip: Flex Your MDU Fiber Muscles

I talk to many customers trying to solve MDU issues. One recurring challenge is that fiber drops are unterminated when entering the fiber distribution box on the wall in the communications room. The…

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Old Traditions… and New

Traditions are important, especially around the holidays. Great Aunt Tillie’s Jell-O salad – the one with the shaved carrots – has to make an appearance on the Thanksgiving table. Planes, Trains and

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Clearfield Smart Tip: What a Contractor Wants

Increasingly, there is a need for faster and faster fiber network turn-up times. Having the right material that contractors like to use show up on time at the site makes the contractors more…

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Clearfield to Participate at the ROTH Capital Technology and New Industrials Day on November 13, 2019

the specialist in fiber management for communications providers, is scheduled to participate at the ROTH Capital Technology and New Industrials Day . The one-on-one only event is being held on…

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Fear Isn't An Excuse

Scary. That’s one word commonly associated with Halloween. Personally, I prefer Casper the Friendly Ghost to evil witches and goblins. Thankfully, there’s a costume choice and/or decoration for every…


Clearfield: How the YOURx Multi-Purpose Terminal (MPT) Lowers Labor/Construction and Equipment Costs for the MTU

In most fiber optic construction builds, labor/construction accounts for 70% of the cost of deployment. Equipment costs account for the remaining 30%. Since labor/construction is, by far, the single…