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Our Approach to Product Innovation: Pencils vs. Pens

This month, we’re taking a small look at the behemoth topic of technology. Clearfield prides itself in being a technological leader  – especially within the fiber optic management industry. When…

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Do you want Fried Onions with that?

Employee engagement isn’t fancy. Sometimes it’s just a simple thank you. Hospitality is perhaps the purest form of thank you. Just as food is the center of most family and community events, so it is…

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Leading Employees Back to Loyalty and Trust

This month, I’ve been thinking about employee loyalty and motivation. It’s generally believed that recent economic conditions – which resulted in cutbacks, layoffs, losses and unease among employee…

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A Business is Not a Family

This month, we’re looking at the alleged drop in employee loyalty in the US workforce. While I believe the statistical data that’s being reported – for example, reported that 76% of…

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Is Employee Loyalty Trending Down and Out?

I read recently that employee loyalty is on the decline. One Wharton business school article, called Declining Employee Loyalty: A Casualty of the New Workplace, noted that according to MetLife’s…

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Make Your Own Rules #2

Can I grow my business when so many others are shrinking? Last time, we toyed with the idea of “Why not?” In the appropriate context, it’s an excellent answer to most questions. Can I grow my business…