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Employee engagement isn’t fancy. Sometimes it’s just a simple thank you. Hospitality is perhaps the purest form of thank you.

Just as food is the center of most family and community events, so it is with Clearfield. Like other companies, we have our donut and bagel breakfasts and of course pizza lunches. But what’s more fun, is that once a year every department in the company takes turns hosting the rest of the firm. Accounting has “counted the beans” with a lunch of baked beans and brats, the outdoorsmen in engineering have shared their fish and game with a wildlife feed, and I’ve even  been known to sponsor Clearfield’s version of Octoberfest complete with homemade German potato salad and sauerkraut. We’ve extended that hospitality to our clients – with demonstration trailers that canvas the country, providing product demos — and BBQ lunches.  

Do you know who on your team enjoys fried onions with their burgers?  I do.