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3 Lessons I Learned About Work Ethic From Milking Cows With My Father Every Evening

Working on the family farm taught me what it really means to have a good work ethic. When you imagine the CEO of a company, you might see her wearing pressed suits and hear her polished shoes clicking…

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3 Ways to Sniff Out Insecurities and Improve Relationships

When you let your insecurities dictate your relationships, you do a disservice to yourself and the people you work with. At the start of my career, I thought I didn't like women bosses. My first boss…

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What the Smart City Will Look Like in 2026 – and How We’ll Get There

They may sound like settings from a science fiction novel, but smart cities have officially become a part of our reality. Leveraging mainly information and communication technologies, the concept of…

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3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Time With Your Kids

For those in the C-suite, it can be difficult to find time in the day for anything but your business. Here's how to maximize your time spent with another very important part of your life: your…

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The Future of Connectivity and Global Communications

According to new statistics (  from DataReportal, the average user spends seven hours per day on the internet, and over 66% of the…

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Opening the Door to Telemedicine With Broadband

When the pandemic hit and everyone went into lockdown, businesses of all kinds, from corner stores to doctors’ offices, scrambled to accommodate. Fortunately, this happened at a time when technology…