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Finding Our "Inner Child"

Our dog’s name is Tasha. She’s a 16-month-old Goldendoodle. She’s all puppy. In fact, at “Doggy Day Care,” they call her the Wild Child. Tasha needs to learn some manners. She’s already showing signs…

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3 Lessons I Learned About Work Ethic From Milking Cows With My Father Every Evening

Working on the family farm taught me what it really means to have a good work ethic. When you imagine the CEO of a company, you might see her wearing pressed suits and hear her polished shoes clicking…

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3 Ways to Sniff Out Insecurities and Improve Relationships

When you let your insecurities dictate your relationships, you do a disservice to yourself and the people you work with. At the start of my career, I thought I didn't like women bosses. My first boss…

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What the Smart City Will Look Like in 2026 – and How We’ll Get There

They may sound like settings from a science fiction novel, but smart cities have officially become a part of our reality. Leveraging mainly information and communication technologies, the concept of…

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3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Time With Your Kids

For those in the C-suite, it can be difficult to find time in the day for anything but your business. Here's how to maximize your time spent with another very important part of your life: your…

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The Future of Connectivity and Global Communications

According to new statistics (  from DataReportal, the average user spends seven hours per day on the internet, and over 66% of the…