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This month, I’ve been thinking about employee loyalty and motivation. It’s generally believed that recent economic conditions – which resulted in cutbacks, layoffs, losses and unease among employee populations – has contributed to an “Everybody-for-Themselves” mentality. 

I can certainly understand that. But I’m just as certain that it can be turned around. If company leaders will only lead with respect and open communication, employees will respond and act accordingly

I am a big believer in high expectations. I am confident that people will rise to the expectations you set for them. Granted, this can come across as extremely demanding. But, more times than not, employees respond favorably if they know you believe they are capable of great things.

In an interesting piece by Meghan M. Biro in Forbes entitled, 5 Leadership Behaviors Loyal Employees Trust, the following leadership behaviors were sited to keep employees happy and loyal:

1) Tell the truth.

2) Communicate roles and responsibilities.

3) Create a workplace culture that values real people relationships.

4) Be fair and open.

5) Model the behaviors you seek.

Meghan goes on to say, “Each of us possesses skills, strengths, talents and flaws. Each of us seeks to belong, to be engaged, to relate to those around us. Loyalty is built on relationships, shared understanding and trust. Engagement and commitment require loyalty, shared goals and fair treatment. Don’t take loyalty and engagement for granted – create a remarkable culture where there are possible and rewarding outcomes of the workplace.”

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