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Building for Years of Speed and Scale

It’s boom times for the fiber industry, but with boom times come high expectations. Fiber demand is going to stress-test the network construction ecosystem of manufacturers, contractors, and labor…

| Fiber Disruptor: CMO Blog

BEAD: Certain Money, Fixed Timelines, Uncertain Resources

After months of waiting, the BEAD allocations to the states and territories have been made, and the clock has started. Within five years, all the NTIA funding should be allocated and put to use…

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Building the Intelligent Edge

Edge networking and edge compute resources continue to grow in importance every year, with emerging applications requiring low-latency and rapid responsiveness. Apple’s new Vision Pro headset signals…

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5G Disruptive? Not Quite Its Day in the Sun…Yet

With faster upload and download speeds, seamless connectivity across cities and in the workplace, 5G was intended to be the answer. It was to usher in a new wave of 5G-enabled IoT applications and…

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A SeeChange in Deployment Speed

Deploying fiber networks is all about speed. Faster deployments mean faster customer turnups to make communities happier, which in turn translates to faster revenue generation which makes for happier…

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Ready or Not, Here Comes AI?

“Open the pod bay doors, HAL.” “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” We are in 2023, not 2001, and we are short of a lot of predicted technologies. We do not have space planes, a base on the…