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House on Stilts

By Jim Pilgrim As I was driving across the snow-swept Great Plains of South Dakota, roads were glazed with ice. I drove down Gulf Coast of Texas through Houston to the prettiest little island you’d…

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Too Busy?

By Jon Anderson Almost everyone I have met with over the past few years say the same thing, “We are really busy, but it sure beats the alternative.” Those of us that have been in the telecom industry…

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Change is Good

By: Jon Anderson We’ve all heard it said that ‘change is good for us’. When I was a youngster I remember my mother telling me that a spoon full of cod liver oil is ‘good for you’ ….but that didn’t help…

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Gift Horse

By Jim Pilgrim “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”  We’ve all heard that saying and it makes sense that when someone gives you something it could be considered rude to examine that gift too…

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The Collapsing of a Network

By Gordon Spray Over the past 20 years we have seen a continuous collapse of network electronics from specialized functionality and rigid configuration rules into scalable multi service access and…