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Are You Ready for a Ride on the Polar Coaster?

If mentioning the onslaught of snow and cold during the “dog days of summer” seems unnecessarily cruel, I apologize. I suppose it’s not unlike taunting your kids about going back to school while…

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Simply Summer

Quick quiz: What is citrullus lanatus? (Hint: it’s a plant species in the family Cucurbitaceae; a vine-like flowering plant originating in West Africa.) Answer: See photo above. In my mind…

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The Joy of Independence

The joy of independence is never more front-and-center than this time of year. I am a proud patriot and so thankful for the independence on which this country was built. As the CEO of Clearfield, I’m…

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Times Change.

The Mother-Child Connection Never Does. My mom earned a college degree in 1959 -- something unusual at the time, especially in that she wasn’t a nurse or a traditional teacher. As a home economist…

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The Battle Over What Goes In

Like most of America, we were tuned into March Madness last weekend. We cheered on our Golden Gophers (although I had picked Michigan State to beat them in our Office Pool), but the TV ads sparked…

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Get Out of that Rut

This time of year, as winter seems to drone on indefinitely, it’s easy to get in a rut. We go to work each morning. Do our thing. Drive home. Have dinner. Watch TV. Go to bed. Then get up the next day…