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You Want Fiber Where?

I’m an application engineer for Clearfield and just when I think I’ve seen the capacity of what fiber optics can do, I run into an application that knocks my socks off. The lowering costs of SFP’s and…

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Finding Space in an Already Occupied Duct

A large carrier needed access to businesses to provide broadband services, and was running into the same problem in many locations. The existing conduit was too full to install a cable that had 4-12…

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Getting Fiber to an MDU is Simplified with the Clearfield Collaborative Approach

A Clearfield distribution partner put me in touch with a customer planning to build out three large 50+ unit apartment buildings, with fiber to each unit. The customer was struggling with the costs…

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Optical Component Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about WDM/CWDM/DWDM & Circulators 1. What is a WDM? WDM stands for Wavelength Division Multiplexer. In fiber-optic communications, wavelength-division multiplexing is a…

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Microduct – Cost Effective Ideas to Deliver Service to Areas Once Considered Unreachable

The Challenge: Meeting the rising need for broadband usuage. Customers think they can seemlessly access from network to network – wherever they are. The Solution: As an industry, we need to find the…

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FieldShield Frequently Asked Questions

- Do I need the FieldShield® Assist to install FieldShield Fiber Cable? FieldShield can be pushed by hand, but the FieldShield Assist applies a constant and continuous force and incorporates an…