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Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Anytime

While the rest of the world was on All-Star Break last week, we were in the thick of things. The Twin Cities hosted the All-Star Game with all its attendant events, and it was thrilling. From the Home…


Important Decisions

My wife and I are famous for taking vacations. Due to the fact that we live in Minnesota, it is almost mandatory to migrate South for a week or two to see the sun and enjoy the warm weather. Whenever…

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The Motivational Ebb Tide

Summer can be the best of times with all those outdoor activities involving friends, colleagues and family. But let’s face it, all those distractions can pose some real challenges to staying…


My Proudest Moment

There have been several moments recently as my youngest daughter, Stephanie, graduated from college a few weeks ago and my oldest daughter, Jamie, got married. My proudest moment as a father happened…

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Cross Country Comfort Cuisine

Last week, President Barack Obama came to town for a couple days. As visitors are apt to do, he wanted to experience some quintessential Minnesota cuisine. So, he went to Matt’s Bar , an iconic…