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Blood and Sweat

By Jim Pilgrim The majority of my work at Clearfield is discussing and designing fiber networks with Consulting Engineers. We work together to design current projects and also discuss what…

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Let’s Talk

By Jim Pilgrim Back in the early 1980’s I was in a television commercial. I worked for Northwestern Bell and they started a marketing campaign that they called “Let’s Talk”. It featured the “regular”…

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Old War Horses

By Jim Pilgrim We have a lot of scars, each one a lesson learned. In every gray hair, we carry a story and an experience that is invaluable. I am privileged to lead the Application Engineering group…

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By Jim Pilgrim Fuel, wick, and spark – simple. Built to last – stainless steel case, rugged – quality hinge. Wear out a flint, replace it. I’ve had my classic Zippo lighter for over 20 years and it…

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Optical Circulators

By Jon Anderson The FTTH Expo recently concluded with much fanfare and optimism. Now we all get to go back to weekly tasks and as service providers often find out, the ‘blue sky’ of the conferences can…

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By Jim Pilgrim Bacon is the hot menu item on the minds of many telephone companies that have been awarded Broadband Stimulus funds. The Davis-Bacon Act states: “The US Department of Labor determines…