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Clearfield: Carpe Diem! Semper Doctrina! Why Learning is Key in Today’s Fiber World

One of the few Latin sayings I remember is from the movie “Dead Poets Society,” but nowadays I wish that John Keating (played by Robin Williams) taught Semper Doctrina (“always learning”) along with…


Clearfield: My Fiber Connection Story

I was really excited to get FTTH from my local service provider…but properly inspecting and cleaning the connector made a huge difference, per the following images and story. Dirty connector: after


Clearfield: Why Our FieldShield 900µm Fiber Excels in the Outside Plant (OSP)

The broadband market’s general expectation of 900µm fiber is that they are all the same. They are NOT. FieldShield® StrongFiber is stronger than other 900µm fibers in the industry because it is…


Fiber Active Cabinet

So how long have active (or powered) cabinets for telecom services been around?  Well, since there have been telecom services.  And I don’t mean smoke signals, drums and pigeons, for which there is an…


Clearfield: Improve Your Odds Using a Fiber Optic Depth Finder

A depth finder (or fish finder) has 4 basic parts: transmitter, transducer, receiver and display. It works by sending a signal down into the water and looking for some of that energy to bounce back.…


Clearfield: How Can We Help?

As an Application Engineer, I’ve been involved with a lot of fiber optic deployments…of all kinds. I especially enjoy seeing customers benefit from the help I can offer from my experience in telecom.…