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Clearfield announced the FieldShield YOURx Platform - the World's Most Advanced Connectivity Solution for the Access Network


The YOURx Platform includes: FieldShield YOURx-Terminal, FieldShield YOURx-TAP and drop cable options: FieldShield FLEXdrop, FieldShield D-ROP and FieldShield FLATdrop. For more information, contact your local Clearfield sales representative.

Funny thing about math. It never lies. The challenge, trick and complexity of math is that there are often several ways to get the answer. Remember being asked in math classes to Solve for X? At first we threw wild guesses at it, but our teachers suggested that by using tools in the way of symbols and rules, we could simplify the equation to reliably get to the answer using a repeatable process.

But in deploying Gigabit Broadband, what is X?

Back in 2007 when we started Clearfield, we did a lot of custom design. But looking to “Simplify the Equation,” we looked for commonality in all the custom products that we had done. What we found was that the customer was asking for flexibility and scalability – 12 ports at a time. Boom! Born was the first input of a system of building blocks that would be our symbols and our rules for solving network equations – the Clearview Cassette.

So you might think X = Clearview Cassette?

But we took this approach further. Now that we had a fiber management building block that provided the answer for consolidating, distributing and protecting fiber in a scalable and flexible way, we needed symbols and rules to connect those fiber management points. To continue to simplify the equation, the path between them needed to be easy-to-install, provide the same level of fiber protection, and be scalable and repeatable. FieldShield fiber management pathway products were born – a series of small-profile ducts addressing a variety of network environments and providing the pathway for easy and pushable deliveries of 1 to 24 factory terminated and tested fibers. This was more than plug-and-play, this was a “Labor-Lite” approach — reducing the need and time for skilled labor.

You might think X = FieldShield?

Yet, deploying Gigabit Broadband isn’t about products – because products without application are like the wild guesses we threw at our first math problems. Solving for X within Gigabit Broadband is about a Design Methodology of Simplifying the Equation. It’s about symbols and rules -- building blocks -- that recognize that everyone’s solution for it is different. For Clearfield, a product methodology (X) that equals flexibility and scalability is where we start every network equation. And it never lies.

Please contact your Clearfield representative to learn more about the power of the Clearfield Product Design Methodology and how we can simplify the equation to solve for your “X”.