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Ninja Strike Forces

Last week, I introduced the book “ Ninja Innovation ( .” Author Gary Shapiro writes that the romantic image of a Ninja was that of a lone warrior, operating in…

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Not-So-Random Acts of Risk-Taking

I used to read – a lot. Now, I read mostly magazines at home (it’s easier to carve out 20 minutes to read an article or two than it is to read an entire book.) I also like to read business books on…

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Elephant Hunting

On the flight home from a business meeting last week, I thumbed through the book Risky is the New Safe – the Rules Have Changed  by Randy Gage. While much of the book is inflammatory by design  — with…

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The Magic of the Disappearing Product

This month, we’re talking about overcoming impossible thinking or the power of magical thinking. I have a very real example. I am not overstating it when I say it would not have become a reality if…

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Embracing the Magic of the Impossible

Have you ever been told something is impossible? Here at Clearfield, we recently dug into the topic of “Harnessing the Possible.” This is another way of saying that we must challenge the…

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Carnac the Magnificent for 2013

While I’m not a big advocate of following the fads, staying on top of the technological advances is another matter. Clearfield’s success is built on harnessing that future thinking and the power of…