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A New Chapter

Last week my daughter started a new chapter in her life – like millions of other 18-year old young adults across the country, she graduated from high school.  Like millions of other parents, I smiled…

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Speaking the Same Language

The promise of FTTH builds was enthusiastically embraced at the recent Broadband Communities ( . In itself, this was no surprise. The language being used to describe it…

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Talking Show Business

After speaking at the recent Broadband Communities ( tradeshow, I got to do a lot of listening. And it proved the old adage that you can learn a lot more with your mouth…

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Survey Says: Take Your Fiber

Recently, I had the opportunity to address attendees of the Broadband Communities Summit in Dallas. As a member of a panel addressing the subject of Broadband Competitiveness, I was able to share…

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Growing Impatient

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” — Margaret Atwood, author As an avid amateur gardener, I can tell you that l am itching to dig in. Gardeners in Minnesota, however…

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Earth Day is Coming

On Monday, April 22nd, more than a billion people will participate in Earth Day celebrations around the world. No matter where you stand on the subject of global climate change, I think we can all…