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Long Lines Broadband Experiences Faster Fiber-Fed Deployments Using Plug-and-Play, Integrated Slack Storage Solution from Clearfield

Long Lines’ extensive fiber optic network serves customers with cable TV, high-speed internet and phone service.

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IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center Strengthens Ties to Ghostly Particles By Using Ruggedized Fiber Jumpers from Clearfield®

In the heart of Antarctica (the South Pole), the Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC) at the University of Wisconsin is conducting project experiments to detect tiny and elusive…

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Case Study: Midco Speeds Fiber-Fed Deployments with FieldShield Pushable Fiber and Microduct and FieldSmart Fiber Panel from Clearfield

The challenge Midco faced is similar to what many established cities and towns experience. The Midco team needed to put fiber in an old, downtown Fargo building (built in 1902) that over time had…

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Cerento Deploys Fiber Solution in 50% Less Time with YOURx-Terminal and FieldShield FLATdrop from Clearfield

Cerento delivers secure, reliable, individualized information technology infrastructure and networking solutions to its business clients. For a new deployment, Cerento’s client needed to provide fiber…

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Lincoln Telephone Doubles Its Speed of Home Connections Per Day with the Simplicity of the YOURx-TAP and FieldShield FLATdrop from Clearfield

Lincoln Telephone provides voice, video and internet services to the Lincoln, MT, area. The company has a multi-year project to connect rural residents by increasing access to broadband.

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O-NET Brings Fiber Flexibility to MDU with YOURx Flex Box from Clearfield

O-NET delivers high-speed internet, television and phone services, and sought a MDU fiber-to-the-suite solution for a new 22-unit condo. Clearfield stepped in with the YOURx Flex Box.