StreetSmart Aerial FDH

When the network deployment plan calls out for an aerial application, Clearfield’s StreetSmart Aerial FDH provides an interconnect environment from the feeder network through the optical passive splitter to the distribution network. Designed specifically for aerial/strand mount applications in the outside plant environment, these enclosures provide a single distribution point to distribute FTTH in rural, urban or dense neighborhoods.

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Product Details

The StreetSmart Aerial FDH is the complete solution for managing up to 288 port distribution fibers for an outside plant FTTx PON application. Factory pre-terminated (1- 288 or 1– 144) fiber cables, eliminates splicing at the terminal and allows the service provider the ability to define and assign the feeder and distribution ports, allowing them to customize each individual deployment.

The Aerial FDH has been designed for aerial or strand mount fiber deployment within the network architecture. Designed with many of the same features as the YOURx-Aerial Terminal, the Aerial FDH includes 4 individual hinged covers with four side entrance cable access ports – two on each end.

The factory installed, pre-terminated OSP cable is spliced on the back side of the unit and is separated and secured from the craft accessible feeder and distribution connection ports, located in the front of the enclosure.

The compact design of the Aerial FDH incorporates individual blocks of 12 LC/APC adapters that are housed in multiple sized faceplates, providing maximum configuration capabilities. The symmetrical design of the unit incorporates fiber management and bend-radius protection for all fibers being deployed.

The Aerial FDH has room to hold up to 9 individual compact ruggedized splitter modules, allowing the service provider to add splitters as needed, allowing them to grow as they go and minimize investment in capital equipment related to the turn-up of revenue-generating circuits. The Aerial FDH is a sealed, free breathing enclosure that provides protection in the harshest OSP environments.

Features & Benefits


  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-3125, GR-326, GR-20 and GR-409
  • 100% performance tested for insertion loss, return loss and final mechanical inspection


  • Black UV resistant thermoplastic designed to resist corrosion
  • Sealed-free breathing terminal provides durability and protection in the OSP environments
  • Separate secure splice chamber, provides protection and security of incoming and outgoing fibers


  • Four individual secure compartments (2 each - front and rear), separate splices from the drop ports, providing network security
  • Hinged front covers allows easy access for installation and network maintenance
  • 4 cable entrance/exit ports – 2 on each end
  • Factory terminated single 288 cable, allows provider to determine assignment of individual feeder and distribution ports
  • Factory installed fiber tail, available in multiple lengths
  • Will accept up to 9 individual compact ruggedized splitter modules
  • Designation card included


  • Customer defined configurations - provides maximum scalability across multiple services classes
  • “Grow-as-you-go” capabilities
  • Pre-terminated factory polished pigtail assembly - ensures improved network operability when spliced onto the feeder cable

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Dimensions 29.75” L x 11.97” H x 9.62” D (755.65 mm x 304.04 mm x 244.35 mm) * height includes strand bracket
Material Black UV Resistant Thermoplastic
Weight Approx. 30 lbs.
Feeder/Express Ports 24-48 ports
Distribution Ports 144-288 ports
Cable Entrances 4 – 2 on Each End
Mounting Options Aerial or Strand Mount
Splitter Slots for WaveSmart Ruggedized Splitters 9 Part Number 042728 - Ruggedized Compact Splitter Module, One 1x32 Splitter, LC/APC Front Pigtail Input(s) and Outputs, Bend Insensitive Fiber, 1.2mm Legs, 125 x 58.4 x 10 mm
Connector Types LC/APC, LC/UPC
Cable Types 144/288 OSP fiber Ribbon Outdoor (Non-Rated)
Factory Terminated Fiber Tails 48 Fiber Feeder and 288 Fiber Distribution Available from 100 to 500 Foot Lengths
Staging Plates For unused splitter legs, up to 96 ports
Splice Trays 5 Trays, 72 Per Tray - 360 Max. Capacity