Clearview Blue (Fiber Cassette With 12-24 Ports)

Based on the choice of adapter style, the Clearview Blue provides 12-24 ports of connectivity, scaling one cassette at a time.

Deployed with SC or LC connectors for 12-24 ports of connectivity, a single the Clearview Blue Cassette provides for patch and splice (Clearfield’s in-cassette splicing solution), patch only (stubbed) or plug-and-play (MPO/MTP) configurations in any network environment. A dual high 24 fiber Cassette offers additional splicing capacity for SC port count requirements greater than 12, utilizing the Clearview Expansion Ring to provide further flexibility and scalability within the same footprint. Dual MPO/MTP access is available on either side of the cassette. Additional optical components integrate into the cassette housing, supporting any input/output combination of splitting, mux, and demux strategies desired.

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Product Details

Clearview Blue Cassettes are a core building block of every product within the FieldSmart® fiber management system. Fiber cassettes from Clearfield, such as Clearview Blue, incorporate the same flexibility and scalability, now with enhanced configuration options including tool-less installation, in-cassette buffer tube/ribbon slack storage, front access-only designs. Reducing the overall footprint of the fiber management element reduces real estate costs and improves density without compromising critical design elements of access, bend-radius protection, physical fiber protection and route-path diversity.

Clearview Blue is a five component tool-less system made up of a top cover, splice tray, buffer tube/ribbon slack storage, cable assembly tray and adapter plate. Parts snap together to support desired application requirements. All types of fiber cable construction can be integrated within the cassette to support all patch and splice, patch only, passive optical component hardware and plug-and-play scenarios.

Slack Storage

Fiber management at its core is to consolidate, distribute, and protect. The protection of buffer tubes is inadequate in most solutions because they are all stored in a common route path and area. Clearview Blue solves this challenge with in-cassette buffer tube storage. The storage area itself is protected with a cover that can either hinge or is completely removable for preference. Clearfield recommends 10 feet of storage within the cassette which is more than enough for re-entry in any Clearview Blue enabled enclosure.


Patch and Splice

The patch and splice cassette has a splice tray that nests into the lower tray allowing integrated splicing directly in the cassette. The integrated splice tray eliminates the need for dedicated splice chassis space thus reducing real estate. The cassette provides 12 ports of connectivity with the ability to scale one cassette at a time. Utilizing the dual snap-in splice chip option you add an additional 12 splices for a total of 24 splices in one cassette (LC connectors). The 24 port expansion cassette doubles the height and allows 24 splices in a 2 high cassette (SC connectors). Cassettes are pre-loaded with a one meter, 250 μm fiber assembly, loose tube or ribbon, which is pre-terminated and slack stored inside the cassette. For 24 fiber loose tube configurations, 40mm splices sleeves are required (60mm sleeves will not fit).Additionally, in the bottom of the cassette, there is an area to house up to 10 feet of buffer tube storage with eight cable entry/exit locations for the maximum in flexibility. 

Patch Only

Regardless of the industry standard adapters or cable construction, the Clearview Blue handles all patch only applications using the lower tray, top cover, built in radius limiter and removable adapter plate. A patch only cassette can be configured with most industry standard adapters and cable types.

Optical Components

Clearview Blue integrates optical components into the identical cassette, allowing service providers to mix and match fiber modules with optical components in the same chassis. The front faceplate is secured to reduce chance of accidental damage to the optical component.

MPO Plug-and-Play

MPO to industry standard connector allows for plug-and-play by mating MPO to MPO with pre-terminated multi-fiber OSP or IFC. Also available in dual MPO 24-fiber configuration.

Mounting Options

Traditional 19 or 23 Inch Environments

Slide-on mounting ears allow Clearview Blue to be used with any FieldSmart enclosure. 

Clearview Building Bracket

The Clearview Building Block is a 3 piece, factory assembled, polycarbonate bracket. When used with the FxHD frame system and Clearfield Blue Cassette, provides a quick, easy and tool-less installation allowing the end user to rapidly deploy 12 to 144 fibers. By minimizing installation time and increasing turn-up time the end-user can almost immediately start generating subscriber revenue.

Optical Component Ready

Clearview Blue is optical component ready. Supporting optical splitters (FBT or PLC) to WDM, coarse and dense-wave, to circulators, choose from a variety of packages ranging from Clearfield’s standard 80 x 100 x 10 cassette package to discrete devices such as tube style or ruggedized tube styles. When the port count of inputs & outputs exceed twelve, the height of Clearview Blue can be increased with the use of an expansion ring increasing the height by one cassette position for each ganging ring. This allows you to use the same Clearview Blue footprint – expanded for optical components such as 1 x 16 (2 high) or 1 x 32 (3 high).

Features & Benefits


  • Terminations designed, tested and certified to GR-326 and GR-1435
  • Cassette designed, tested & certified to GR-63 Flame Spread & Chemical
  • Clearfield® FiberDeep® Guarantee: 0.2 dB insertion loss or less, exceeding industry standards
  • Supports industry standard SC and LC singlemode and multimode connectors
  • Supports all fiber construction types (distribution, tight-buffer, loose tube and ribbon)
  • Modular and scalable


  • Designed to handle the toughest operating environments, provides flexibility and reliable performance
  • Slack stored, bend-radius protected and secured against accidental physical damage from handling
  • Integrated buffer tube storage removes the need for traditional slack storage baskets, reels and troughs and aligns individual buffer tube to the 12-fiber cassette


  • Tool-less, snap together design makes turn-up time even faster
  • Six buffer tube/cable entry/exit paths allow the technician a high degree of flexibility in deployment
  • Ability to store 10 feet of exposed buffer tube in the in-cassette buffer tube storage
  • Translucent housing provides quick visual inspection, while removable 12-pack adapter plate allows easy access for maintenance, cleaning and troubleshooting
  • Front-access to pre-terminated assemblies with Clearview removable adapter plate
  • Integrated in-cassette buffer tube slack storage aligns slack to individual cassettes maximizing density by reducing real estate requirements


  • “Grow-as-you-go”
  • Scalable (multiplier of 12) building block to align capital expenditures to customer take rates
  • Modular design allows ports to be configured to user-defined application requirements
  • Patch & Splice integrated splice tray removes need to eliminates costs associated with separate splice enclosure/cases 
  • 25% smaller footprint than Clearview Classic, coupled with integrated buffer tube storage, allows for more density within all application environments
  • Patch and splice integrated splice tray removes need for a separate chassis space or splice enclosure reducing the required real estate

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Ratings Terminations are designed and tested to Telcordia GR-326; Tested to GR-63 NEBS 3 and UL 94 V-0; Clearfield® FiberDeep® Guarantee: 0.2 dB insertion loss or less, exceeding industry standards

Without Mounting Ears:  0.81” (20.57 mm) H x 6.03” (153.16 mm) W x 8.28” (210.30 mm) D 

With Mounting Ears: 0.81” (20.57 mm) H x 8.66” (219.96 mm) W x 8.28” (210.30 mm) D

Backwards Compatible Optional mounting ears for backwards compatible to FieldSmart® Inside plant (FxDS), OSP and access product lines
Material Polycarbonate
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Connector Types Supports industry standard SC, LC, and MPO/MTP singlemode and multimode connectors
Meters/Feet of Buffer Tube Slack Storage Up to 10 feet of buffer tube storage in the bottom of the cassette; one meter of 250 μm used for internal splicing for patch and splice (Clearfield's in-cassette splicing solution)
Mounting Options Clearview Building Block or Clearview Mounting Ears