FieldShield FLATdrop Peelable Fiber Drop Cable

In addition to our industry standard fiber flat drop, Clearfield offers additional FieldShield FLATdrop options designed to save contractors and installers time and space in almost any deployment environment. The peelable outer sheath of FieldShield FLATdrop allows for easy access to the inner fiber elements (either 3mm or 900um) and each offers a large selection of connector types in a pre-connectorized solution while allowing for up to 100 feet of compact fiber slack storage.

Clearfield’s suite of flat drop solutions effectively meets the unique needs of your network deployment.

  • FieldShield Small Form Factor FLATdrop 900μm Peelable is a uniquely smaller footprint flat drop solution for the access portion of a FTTH or FTTB network. The small format handles more easily than traditional flat drop, allowing for less coiled storage space in outdoor storage. When the jacket is snipped and easily peeled away, the exposed 900μm subunit stores neatly on the compact FieldShield slack reel. This small form factor FLATdrop is enabled with a pushable SC connector, allowing for placing and pushing through an existing pathway, in addition to the traditional deployments of direct bury or placing aerially.
  • FieldShield FLATdrop 3mm Peelable is a drop cable solution for the access network such as FTTH and FTTB. By simply peeling back the outer jacket to expose the 3mm sub-unit, storage of excess cable is easily managed and stored on FieldShield slack reels.

All FieldShield FLATdrop cables are factory preconnectorized for fast terminal connection. At the access point, when utilizing YOURx-Terminal applications, simple plug-and play connectivity is achieved by incorporating a 10mm FieldShield FlexConnector. For use with standard TAP Boxes, FLATdrop breakouts secure into multi-purpose strain relief access points.

Suite of products options includes:

  • jacket construction in either toneable or non-toneable
  • up-jacketing with or without a rip cord (in 3mm version)
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Product Details

FieldShield FLATdrop is the first pre-connectorized flat drop style cable to provide hardened environmental performance on a peelable flat drop style cable without the added cost or dependency on the market’s existing bulky connector. Connectivity to access terminals is achieved through the innovative FlexConnector, which snaps into the YOURx-Terminal, providing an air-tight and water-tight connection.

Connector options for this product include FieldShield SC and LC Pushable or FieldShield MPO Pushable.

FlexConnector Options

  • Factory Installed: the FlexConnector is shipped permanently installed on the pre-connectorized cable.
  • Field Installable: the FlexConnector is shipped separately to be installed in the field over a Pushable SC. This is an ideal solution for eliminating excess slack storage when standard cable lengths are used for custom drop distances. The FlexConnector can be field installed on the pre-connectorized cable (full plug-and-play) or blunt cable followed by a splice-on connector.


  • Field Installable FlexConnector (FSH-FIFC-4PAK)
    • Once the cable has been prepped, the flat cable is sandwiched between the two retainer clips, pinched into place and then the FlexConnector is pushed and snapped together with the retaining clips

Features & Benefits


  • Available in singlemode
  • Supports most industry standard flat drop cable
  • FlexConnector is designed, tested and certified to GR-771
  • Terminations are designed, tested and certified to GR-326 


  • FlexConnector provides an air-tight, water-tight connection
  • FLATdrop peelable cable allows for the outer jacket to be stripped back to expose the more flexible 3mm sub-unit, easing storage of terminated ends


  • Flat drop cable construction allows for installation in direct bury and aerial applications
  • Pre-terminated with an SC, LC or MPO connector or with pigtail for customer choice application
  • Toneable cables allow for traceability


  • Leveraging the low cost of a traditional optical flat drop cable with option for plug-and-play field terminations
  • Quick and easy deployment allows capital investment to be aligned to customer take rates 
  • FieldShield FlexConnector available in 4 packs for field installations

Technical Specifications

FieldShield FLATdrop 
Core Size and Type Singlemode
Inner Cable Jacket OD 3.0 mm Ruggedized or Small Footprint 900 µm Sub-unit
Cable Types Flat Drop Cable (Dielectric/Toneable)
Connector Types SC, LC, MPO (only for Standard Flat Drop multi-fiber configuration)
Breakout Length 12 inches (304.80 mm)
Operating Temperature -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)
Color Black Jacket and White Sub-unit
Markings Part number, lot number, footage markers every two feet