Fiber Optic Products

The FieldSmart Flex Box is a secure, modular wall box with slide-in aggregator plates that provide entries for multiple cable types such as individual fiber cables, conduit and FieldShield microduct – all in a protected and organized manner.

Installers simply push FieldShield Microduct into the aggregator plate (no tools required) and they are ready to quickly deliver pre-terminated, factory tested pushable and pullable FieldShield Fiber. Individual slack storage areas are designed for the incoming and outgoing fiber in order to reduce service interruptions when turning up additional subscribers.

Housing a variety of connectivity options, the FieldSmart Flex Box supports point-to-point, centralized and distributed split network deployment. All connectivity options support plug-and-play functionality...reducing installation time for faster customer turn-up.

Introducing the FieldShield Drop Wheel: The flexible and modular Drop Wheel allows the service providers to simplify their fiber distribution and slack management by providing a plug-and-play solution that covers 0-200 ft. of distance on a single wheel. Designed to support up to 16 wheels in the FieldSmart Flex Box.

The SmartRoute Plate mounted in the Flex Box, provide spool technology and MPO connectorization. 

Clearview Cassette - the scalable building block platform for all FieldSmart products - is another option supported by the Flex Box for the interconnection of fiber.

Technical Specifications

FieldSmart SCD Flex Box
Dimensions 16.00" H x 12.00" W x 5.38" D
Material UV rated, flame retardant, NEMA 4 Rated
Port Density Two cassettes (24 ports), up to 16 in drop wheel, SmartRoute 24 port
Connectivity Types Clearview Blue, Drop Wheel, SmartRoute Plate
Aggregator Plate Duct Plate supports (24) 10/6mm and (2) 14/10mm Microduct; Combo Plate supports (24) 10/6mm Microduct
Drop Wheel Fiber type - FieldShield StrongFiber
Drop Wheel Connector Pullable SC APC to Standard SC/APC, SC/UPC to Standard SC/UPC
Drop Wheel Cable Length 200 feet FieldShield StrongFiber
Drop Wheel Material Black Thermoplastic

Features & Benefits

  • Utilizes the Clearview Blue Cassette, FieldShield Drop Wheel and SmartRoute Plate
  • 1” inside mounting hole pattern for multiple applications
  • Dual snap ensures lid secures to box
  • Security screw with ability to secure with padlock
  • Gasket seal
  • Grounding lug included
  • Scalable
  • Internal mounting holes for easy installation
  • Top and bottom entry/exit points
  • Reversible door allows for dual direction mounting
  • Slide-in aggregator plates eliminate the need for additional duct organizer
  • Clearview Cassette, Drop Wheel or SmartRoute Plate