SeeChange Terminal and Hardened Connector System

The SeeChange® Terminal is Clearfield’s small, carrier grade plug-and-play access terminal that fits in your network along with precisely designed hardened fiber drop cables.  Providing an interface between incoming feeder fiber and single drop cable or an MPO drop cable utilizing a drop and express deployment, the SeeChange system offers a simplified, easy to deploy network design of a Fiber to the Home network.  

The terminal’s small size makes it ideally suited for a small count Fiber to the Home network, but also in any FTTx application, including Fiber to Business and for cell tower and 5G pole applications.  

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Product Details

The SeeChange Terminal is fully sealed and includes a multifiber MPO input port, 2 or 4 single fiber drop ports and a multifiber MPO express output port. The MPO express output port is used to daisy chain to other SeeChange terminals deeper in the neighborhood. All connections to the terminal are made using SeeChange hardened connectors that can be installed with entry level technicians for quick deployment. SeeChange hardened connectors are ruggedized for OSP applications and meet Clearfield’s FiberDeep performance levels for low insertion loss (0.2dB max IL for single fiber and 0.35dB max IL for MPO assemblies). Both centralized split and distributed split configurations are supported by the SeeChange Terminal. The terminal can be deployed below grade in vaults, handholes and flower pots, as well as above grade in pedestals or on a pole, and can be hung overhead on a strand for aerial applications.

Features & Benefits


  • SeeChange Terminal GR-771 Compliant
  • Hardened SeeChange Connectors GR-3120 and GR-3152 compliant
  • Supports SeeChange MPO and SeeChange SC/APC connectors


  • Environmentally sealed for the harshest OSP environments
  • Molded with UV resistant thermoplastic material
  • Above grade, below grade and aerial mounting options
  • Carrier grade GR compliant terminal and connectors


  • 1 SeeChange MPO input port
  •  2 or 4 SeeChange SC APC drop ports
  • 1 SeeChange MPO express output port
  • Compact footprint reduces space in handholes and pedestals


  • Strategic configurations to reduce inventory and shorten lead times
  • Repeatable design reduces engineering time
  • Plug-and-play connections speed installations
  • Centralized and distributed split configurations available
  • Supports FTTx or 5G cellular application

Technical Specifications

Dimensions  3 x 4 x 5.5” (83.8mm x 111.8mm x 139.7mm)
Mounting Options Below Grade: handhole or flowerpot, Above Grade: Pole or Pedestal with mounting bracket,
Aerial: Strand mount with Deltec strap and spacers
Material Black UV resistant Thermoplastic
Input Port (1) SeeChange 14 mm MPO
Drop Ports (2) or (4) SeeChange 14 mm SC/APC
Output Express Port (1) SeeChange 14 mm MPO
Weight 13.3 ounces