Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

As fiber deployments ramp up throughout America and across the globe, Clearfield® continues to focus efforts on innovation so our customers can adapt and evolve to meet the emerging challenges generated by the boom in high-speed broadband. To ensure our customers' success, our innovation must begin in the field, and our recently launched CraftSmart® FiberFirst Pedestal is no exception.

We went out and talked to our customers. More importantly, we listened to them and incorporated that information into the design of the FiberFirst Pedestal, the industry’s first pedestal designed to support fiber-only deployments. Greenfield deployments of community networks today are going to all-fiber, regardless of who is funding them or the type of operator – whether it is federal, state or private money, cable or telco, it’s all about the simplicity and operational economics of glass over other media.

Deployable in any outdoor environment, the pedestal is the most cost-effective, non-metallic enclosure in the industry, built as a solution that exceeds industry standards for strength, reliability and environmental concerns - as you’d expect with any product from our company. It’s purpose-built to be used in a wide variety of service networks, eliminating the need for multiple, specialty pedestals, simplifying inventory to ensure that operators have the right product on hand as they plan, build and manage fiber broadband networks.

With fiber optic technicians in short supply and network operators of all stripes under pressure to turn up services to the largest number of customers as quickly as possible, the craft-friendly nature of the FiberFirst Pedestal enables operators to save time and money while speeding time-to-revenue - a value equally necessary regardless of the organization. The FiberFirst Pedestal provides an added layer of external protection for the Clearfield fiber protection, management and delivery products mounted inside. As a two-part interlocking pedestal solution with a built-in multi-use backplane integrated into the rear cover, the FiberFirst Pedestal supports applications such as the PON Insert for direct bury or the splice only access solution supporting specific drop cable, multi-fiber and ring cut requirements.

But a good product is only useful if it can be delivered. As Clearfield continues to grow with market demands, we are implementing our ongoing strategy to own and control our own manufacturing and supply chain to ensure our customers have the products they need when they need them. Our goal is to be as effective in building and delivering our products as our products are effective in reducing the time it takes to light up fiber and turn up customers for service.

And we’re here for the long haul. We’ll continue to innovate in the field to roll out products and solutions that help operators speed deployment and meet the demands of their current and future customers for years to come - another part of the Clearfield advantage.

Kevin leads the marketing efforts for Clearfield as Chief Marketing Officer. He joined the fiber company in 2016, leveraging his extensive experience in advanced communications technology, fiber optic systems, and business product marketing. Prior to joining Clearfield, he spent two decades serving in various senior marketing positions at ADTRAN. Before that, he spent a decade at telephone operating company BellSouth, now a part of AT&T, where he worked as the lead broadband product evaluations resource in the Science & Technology department.

Morgan is currently the Fiber Broadband Association Chair of the Board of Directors. Morgan has also served in various leadership positions at the Fiber Broadband Association, including Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for 2021. Morgan holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Auburn University and an MBA from the University of Alabama.