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Multifiber Push-On (MPO) equipped Clearview Cassette delivers more than 20,000 ports on a single fiber frame; Half-Wide LGX Blade Doubles Optical Component Density;

Reduces Cost due to Dramatically Lower Real Estate Requirements

Minneapolis (February 1, 2012) — Clearfield, Inc. ( NASDAQ : CLFD ), the specialist in fiber management and connectivity platforms for communications providers, today announced two new high-density solutions: the multifiber push-on (MPO) equipped Clearview Cassette and Half-Wide LGX Blade. By teaming it with the MPO connector, the Clearview Cassette, which is the cornerstone of the entire FieldSmart fiber management architecture, now delivers 12 times the fiber connectivity than previously available, while the Half-Wide LGX Blade doubles optical component density for those requiring an LGX footprint.

MPO-equipped Clearview Cassette responds to industry’s need for density

Cloud computing and other data management requirements are driving the need for density. While previously deployed in multimode environments, technological advances in the single-mode MPO design have encouraged network managers to expand its application into the central office and data center environments.

Delivering 12 units of fiber connectivity in each of its 12 connector ports, the MPO-equipped Clearview Cassette provides up to 144 fibers within its small footprint or 288 ports in a single 1RU panel at max configuration. When deployed in an interconnect configuration, FieldSmart fiber panels, wall boxes and cabinets utilizing the Clearview Cassette offer the industry’s highest density solution. As a cross-connect, a Clearview Cassette solution offers superior flexibility and ease of restoration.

Both solutions reduce the capital equipment cost as much as 50% in comparison to a standard connector option for the identical port count. By turning fiber management inside out and delivering 12 units of self-contained fiber management within the device, the Clearview Cassette is the only fiber management device that can provide the scalability and modularity of incremental fiber connectivity where and when it is required — while continuing to provide integrating splicing capabilities within the device.

“While today it may be difficult to imagine the application requirements that would require more than 20,000 ports of fiber connectivity on a single frame, that same thought was projected when the first high-count IFC cable was brought to market or the first 144-port fiber panel just ten years ago,” comments Johnny Hill, chief operating officer for Clearfield. “Bandwidth requirements are driving the demand for fiber and forcing network managers to make room for more fiber everywhere in their networks. A design principle of the FieldSmart product line is to lead the market in port density and access, and this new solution demonstrates our ongoing commitment.”

The MPO-equipped Clearview Cassette can be deployed within any Fieldsmart technology, including the FieldSmart Fiber Distribution System (FxDS) panel and frame family, FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center (FSC) outside plant cabinet, and the FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Point (FDP) series of MDU and business-class wallboxes.

Half-Wide LGX Blade Doubles Optical Component Connectivity

Fiber exhaust and increasing bandwidth demands continue to challenge broadband service providers to find ways to increase performance within existing network architectures. As a result, the need for high-performing optical components in a dense footprint is rapidly accelerating.

“Clearfield leads the way in optical component flexibility and density within the Clearview Cassette. However, when the traditional LGX footprint is preferred, either due to standardization on a previous design or existing architecture, service providers have been limited in the number of ports they could deploy,” comments Hill. “The introduction of our Half-Wide LGX Blade allows our customers to double the number of optical components deployed in the identical space without impairing access.”

Clearfield’s full line of optical component technologies, including WDM, DWDM and optical circulators, is available in this packaging option. Housed within Clearfield’s 19” or 23” Optical Component Chassis, up to 29 half-wide LGX blades, each with up to 12 total ports, can be managed within just six inches of rack space.

Shipping and Availability

Both product offerings are now shipping and available from Clearfield and its network of distribution partners. For additional information on these product offerings, please visit or for a video demonstration of the product, go to

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