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Delivers the widest range of passive and active cabinet options for FTTX deployments

MINNEAPOLISAugust 14, 2018Clearfield, Inc. (NASDAQ:CLFD), the specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, today announced general availability of the FieldSmart® Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) 864-port PON cabinet, the latest addition to Clearfield’s award-winning portfolio of passive and active cabinets. With the announcement of the FieldSmart FDH 864-port PON cabinet, Clearfield now has the most complete cabinet portfolio meeting all density, application, flexibility, and scalability needs. The FieldSmart FDH is designed to support fiber network integrity, secure fiber assets, provide unmatched fiber access and protect fiber investment. Utilizing the 12-port Clearview® Cassette, the FieldSmart FDH provides multiple cabinet configurations allowing service providers to align the investment in capital equipment to the turn-up of revenue-generating circuits.

“Clearfield’s FieldSmart Fiber Distribution Hub leverages a Clearview Cassette enabled design methodology that is critical to the emerging trends in the marketplace of designing a single fiber network for all applications,” said Kevin Morgan, Clearfield’s chief marketing officer. “Designed to help our customers expand their Fiber to the X deployments for business class, home and edge networks as broadly and cost effectively as possible, this new higher-capacity cabinet complements our existing line of FieldSmart products in a modular shell design.”

The FieldSmart FDH 864-port PON cabinet is the complete solution for managing up to 864 distribution fibers for an outside plant FTTx PON application. Extending Clearfield’s building block design concepts, the FieldSmart FDH 864-port cabinet incorporates the ability to provide a user-defined feeder/fiber ratio – which allows business class, home and edge networks to be housed in a single cabinet. The cabinet includes a new roof design for improved water-shed, improved solar shielding, and improved breathability for added protection of deployed fiber. Mounting options include pad or vault mounted with either a 4” or 12” riser.

Available for shipping in September 2018, the FieldSmart FDH 864-port cabinet is designed to Telcordia GR-20, GR-487 and GR-3125.  Details on the FieldSmart FDH 864-port cabinet can be found in the associated data sheet and at

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